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What is Jazzi?

  • Jazzi is a new music streaming and sales platform, focused on jazz and related genres
  • We offer a unique payment model for streaming, designed to reward artistic independence is a niche digital music platform, now available in beta-mode, focused on quality, independent jazz and jazz-inspired music from around the world.

We offer artists a cost-free streaming and sales service with a payment mechanism that respects their talents and rewards their independence.

Jazzi’s primary point of difference lies in a unique approach to paying our artists for streaming, where our subscribers decide which artist receives their personal subscription allocation – through our “favourite artist” model.

Jazzi’s artistic direction will be driven by an international cohort of music curators who will select our roster of artists from their own home city.

Our artists and curators will be supported by a local marketing specialist, promoting Jazzi in their home city with a local flavour.

We’re kicking-off Jazzi because we believe independent artists are being poorly treated financially in the current “smorgasbord” approach to music streaming. We also see a future where streaming consumers will move toward more specialist offerings; platforms where artists are more highly regarded and treated fairer financially. We want Jazzi to be at the forefront of this new era in music distribution.