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What is the musical focus of Jazzi?

  • Jazzi is focused on jazz and related genres
  • We want to see a wide interpretation of jazz made available to our subscribers

Jazzi will focus on jazz and jazz-inspired music recorded by independent artists, with an intention to apply a broad definition to our music categories. A central part of our creative approach is to pass the artistic decisions of Jazzi to our curators, who select artists and music from their home city, and to encourage a breadth of interpretation of our musical output – both traditional and contemporary.

We’d love to see a wide range of jazz and related genres listed on the site; including but not limited to: traditional jazz, big-band, swing, free-jazz, avant-garde, soul, funk, Latin, beats, ethno-jazz, acid-jazz, jazz-rap, electro-jazz, together with jazz-inspired music such as soundscapes, film scores, sampled sounds, ambient, new-classical etc.

Rather than defining our music too strictly, we’ll leave it up to our artists and curators to establish the Jazzi musical boundaries over time.