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What makes the Jazzi model different?

  • We’re building a global, grassroots network of artists, curators and marketers
  • We believe streaming subscribers want to see their money directly support creative talent

At Jazzi, we’re building a new hybrid approach to music streaming and distribution – combining aspects of the traditional and the new.

Our model has aspects of the “label” approach, as we have personalised agreements with our curators and artists, and we provide a strong marketing support service. However, unlike traditional labels, our artists retain ownership of their recordings and are free to list their music with any other platform.

Jazzi is, in essence, a series of co-operative city-based networks, where curators, artists and marketers work closely to create, collate and promote music from their home city – with the music made available globally for streaming and download to our subscribers via

Our artistic approach, where curators select artists from their home city and work with them to build track listings, is designed to develop a strong and varied network of quality artists, delivering a dynamic musical offering for our subscribers.

We want our artists to see the Jazzi platform as a opportunity to present their music to the world, grow their personal fan base and further develop the financial potential of their career, all supported by their curator, local city-based marketer and Jazzi Central.

The centrepiece of the Jazzi model is our subscribers – who we see as music lovers first and foremost – interested in a breadth of independent, quality jazz not easily accessed from the current “off-the-shelf”, major-label-driven services. 

Critically, we believe our subscribers will want to see their subscription fee directly supporting musical talent in their home city and beyond, so we give them the opportunity to do that. Our unique artist payment system, where our subscribers nominate their “favourite artist” for direct payment of a portion of their subscription, is designed to allow our subscribers to feel closer to the creative process and share in that artist’s career growth.

We aim to attract the most passionate people to support our artists, from our city-based curators and marketers to the team at Jazzi Central – all of whom will be rewarded by subscription income distribution, ensuring we stay focused on delivering a broad and evolving musical experience.

An increase in curated Jazzi cities is the basis for growth in our model: the more cities – the more curators – the more artists – the more music – the more exposure – the greater the opportunity for a broader global subscriber base. All with our artists taking priority with regard income return and all members of the team sharing in the rewards.

Our overall aspiration is to build relationships and trust with all members of the Jazzi family, so that Jazzi becomes known as a reputable and respected platform for the distribution of quality independent music.

If you want to join us in making the world more Jazzi, please contact us here.