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Can an artist be de-listed due to low “favourite artist” nominations?

  • Subscriber “favourite artist” nominations do not influence artistic decisions
  • Nomination levels can have have a bearing on our longer term relationships with artists

The subscriber “favourite artist” nomination process is a critical part of our model, and we hope it will be seen as a great opportunity for income generation by our artists. However there is absolutely no connection between artistic decisions made by our curators and “favourite artist” nominations.

In fact, we won’t be releasing subscriber “favourite artist” statistics, other than to the individual artists themselves as part of their monthly fee payment. Curators will know their overall city nominations but not by Artist, unless the Artist wants to release that information.

Having said that, it just makes sense that artists, curators, city-based marketers and Jazzi Central all work together in building the maximum number of “favourite artist” nominations for each artist, as each party has a financial interest in that outcome.

We see subscriber retention and growth as the best indicator of success for all of us, and we believe that is more likely when there is a strong connection between the artist and their fan base.

So, if we sense an artist is showing little or no interest in building their “favourite artist” nominations over an extended period, we will broach the issue with them and be proactive in suggesting ways we can help.  We don’t have a black-and-white approach to the issue, as we understand not all artists have the capacity to allocate significant time to the task.

However it’s important to us that Jazzi isn’t simply seen as a repository for an artist’s work – it’s a partnership in developing an artist’s career and income potential; so we’ll want to see artists making an effort, and we’ll be doing our best to play our part.

As a guide, if an artist has fewer than 50 “favourite artist” nominations for a period of 12 months or more, we’ll start the communication process with them. We guarantee we will not cease our agreement with an artist for low nominations within the first three years, after that point we reserve the right to end our relationship if nominations remain low and we can’t agree a way forward.