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How do artists get their music listed with Jazzi?

  • We look forward to welcoming independent musicians from around the world
  • Curators and artists work together to bring the artists’ music to the site

Music curators will be engaged over time in cities around the world to select artists* and their music for streaming and download on the player site. Curators are city-specific, that is, each curator will focus on artists from their home city. Check out our Curator FAQ for more info on the curator role. Curators will be proactive in contacting artists, however, artists will also have the opportunity to send Jazzi Central a selection of their music for assessment. We’re also happy to be contacted by boutique labels or managers who work with independent artists.

All artist involvement is non-exclusive; our artists can continue to distribute their music through any other platform they choose and are free to work with their curator to list all or part of their music catalogue with Jazzi. You do not need to have a full album of music recorded to be listed on; we’re keen to list tracks from artists just starting their recording journey.

There is no cost to the Artist at any stage.

If you’re an artist who controls the copyright in your recordings, or represent a group of independent artists, and want to get involved – you can let us know via the Join Jazzi form. You can also keep up-to-date via this FAQ site, Jazzi social media feeds or visit the full player site.

* We define “artist” as an individual or an ensemble who act as one entity in contractual arrangements.