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Is there a limit to the amount of music listed?

  • Each artist’s total track listing is limited to 20 hours of music
  • Jazzi curators, in each Jazzi city, are limited to 500 hours of music

An artist’s total track listing on is limited to 20 hours. There is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of tracks per artist. Curators, in each Jazzi city, also have an individual limit of 500 hours. If either the artist or curator limit is reached, the curator will need to make a decision on what tracks to de-list.

Our music limits are to ensure we retain a focus on quality not quantity. 

It’s an important part of our model that our curators will oversee all aspects of artistic decision making in their home city, i.e. artist additions, track selections etc. However, once listed by a curator, an artist cannot be delisted by the curator, or have their total musical offering reduced to less than 2 hours.

An artist can withdraw individual tracks or request a total delisting (i.e. end the arrangement with Jazzi) at any time. However, an artist cannot elect to have tracks listed only for sale or for streaming, i.e. if the artist approves a track for listing on it must be made available for both sale and streaming.