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What control does an artist have over their track listing?

  • Artists will have ultimate control over whether an individual track is listed
  • Curators and artists work together to decide overall track listings

The Jazzi artistic model relies on a close working relationship between our artists and curators. One of the overriding principles of that relationship will be that both the artist and curator must agree on what tracks will be listed on before they become available to subscribers.

If an artist does not wish to have a track listed, they simply don’t make that track available to us. If the the track is part of a broader recording, say an album, just advise the curator (or Jazzi Central) and the track won’t be listed.

When it comes to de-listing tracks, i.e. after they’ve already been listed on, it’s no more complicated, however either the curator or artist can instruct Jazzi Central to de-list a track – there does not need to be agreement between the two. Further, just so we don’t have tracks jumping on and off the site, once a track is de-listed by either party, both artist and curator must again agree before it is re-listed.

We need to allow the curator to independently be able to de-list tracks so they can meet music limit thresholds (20 hours per artist, 500 hours per curator) and achieve overall artistic balance etc. If a curator de-lists a track they will not be required to give specific reasoning for their decisions, however they will be required to advise the artist in advance and discuss all track listing with the artist on an ongoing basis.

We’re not pretending this is a democracy, but we hope we’ve set reasonable protection against potentially short-sighted artistic decisions, as an artist cannot have their listing reduced to less than two hours, unless they request it.