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What if an artist is based in a city or region not represented by a curator?

  • We recognise many quality artists will reside outside curated Jazzi cities
  • These artists will be selected by a Jazzi Central “International” curator

To enable us to list as much quality music as possible on, artists can offer their music unsolicited to us for assessment – you can start this process via the Join Jazzi form and we’ll be in touch. The process will be overseen centrally, and if the music meets our quality standards, tracks will be passed on to the curator in the artist’s home city for further review and a decision on listing.

When an artist approaches Jazzi from a location with no curatorial representation, and the music meets our quality standards, the artist will be offered an “International” curator section on the site. If we later gain curatorial representation in their home city, the artist will have the option of being designated back to the home city’s new curator or remaining on the International roster.

Income distribution for “International” artists is the same as for other artists, and of course they will be able to benefit from the “favourite artist” nomination process, however “International” artists will not get the benefit of home-city communications and promotion from a Local Area Marketer.