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Will artists have support in promoting their music on Jazzi?

  • Marketing is a critical aspect of our Artist relationship
  • Artists will have access to a Jazzi Local Area Marketer to help promote their music in a way that works for them

A critical part of our marketing strategy, and our overall artist-centered model, is to engage a Local Area Marketer (‘LAM’) in each Jazzi city to directly support our artists in promoting their music. Artists will be able to work directly with their LAM in creating social media and other communication opportunities around their current musical plans, new track listings, upcoming gigs etc. 

As part of our artist agreement, artists are required to generally promote the fact their music is available on, using their own social media channels, email lists, at gigs etc, with a focus on the “favourite artist” payment model. After that, our artists are free to be as proactive as they choose in building their “favourite artist” nominations and the LAM will advise and assist along the way.

The LAM will also build city-based email and social media contacts, encouraging interaction between subscribers and artists whilst respecting the privacy preferences of both.

We will also provide artists with marketing materials for their own use on social media, mailing lists etc, which can be used to link directly to

There is no cost to our artists for these marketing support services.

Each artist will also be allocated a “bio window” within the site, which will include biographical information, images, links to web site, social media etc. – the artist will be asked to provide this detail on initial listing and can request an update of the information at any time. The artist’s name, wherever it appears on the site, will be linked to the “bio window”.

There are no restrictions on what can be done from a promotional perspective, we’ll leave it up the LAM and our artists to create an approach that works for them and their city.

Check out our Marketers FAQ section for more info on our planned marketing approach and the role of the LAM’s.