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How are Jazzi curators paid?

  • Our curators are paid like the rest of the team – via a distribution of subscription income
  • Jazzi curators receive a portion of the subscription when a subscriber nominates one of their designated artists as their “favourite” artist

Jazzi is all about rewarding independence; particularly our artists, but also our broader team. To be consistent with that approach our curators will be rewarded by distribution of subscriber income, similar to our artists.

When a new subscriber initially signs-up, they will be asked to nominate a “favourite artist“. If an artist is selected, the artist’s designated curator will receive 20% of the net-subscription*, every month for that artist’s first 200 “favourite artist” nominations, while the subscription remains current.

If an individual artist moves above 200 “favourite artist” nominations, the curator percentage reduces on a sliding scale, with the reduced portion being redirected to the artist, until 500 “favourite artist” nominations are reached. 

To be clear, curators are paid a sliding scale percentage of net-subscription* income up to 500 “favourite artist” nominations for each of the curator’s designated artists.

To do some quick sums – say Jazzi had 500 “favourite artist” nominations, across 5 of the curator’s designated artists; that would result in the curator earning around USD600 per month or USD.1.20 / nomination. However if that moved to 1500 nominations across the same 5 artists, the earnings would move to around USD1500, or USD1.00 / nomination, given the sliding scale, again to be clear, the reduced amount per nomination is redirected to the artists.

If a subscriber has chosen not to nominate a “favourite artist”, the curator portion of 20% of their monthly subscription will be allocated to a curator payment “pool”, which is then distributed proportionately across all curators, based on the hours of music their designated artists have listed on the site. The income is not lost – it is allocated across all our curators.

* Net-subscription is the price to the subscriber less payment processing fees and any value-added / sales tax. It is the amount we are able to retain from each subscriber, for distribution to artists and the rest of the Jazzi team.