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How much time is required to be a Jazzi curator?

  • Curators are independent to develop their own approach, but we have some broad performance targets
  • The role requires discipline and a regular time commitment, but is designed as a part-time gig

We see the curator role as being very much a part-time gig – but we’re not here to dictate anything as we recognise each curator will start with differing knowledge of their city’s musical talent. 

Initially, our curators will be required to secure a minimum of 25 hours of music across a minimum of 5 artists, before the curator’s listed artists are made available on We’d like to think this will be achieved within three months of the curator’s initial agreement commencing.

We want to remain fairly flexible on targets after that point as we appreciate each curator will work differently, but on average we’d hope to see 5-10 artists and 40+ hours of music listed on per year – per Jazzi city, i.e. for each curator. There will also be aspirations for total “favourite artist” nominations from each city.

Given no one artist’s listing can total more than 20 hours, our curators will have to find the balance between building artist and track listings early, or waiting and responding to their city’s subscriber feedback over a longer period. 

We’ll provide as much support along the way as the curator feels they need to reach their targets.

There’s also some other important tasks involved, like working with the Local Area Marketer to introduce new artist/tracks on their home city’s social media feed each month. 

So, if we were pushed, we’d say if someone was reasonably absorbed into the musical networks of their city, and had a good handle on local artists, approx. 25-30 hours a month would be required. We stress however, if a prospective curator is already listening to music from their city, attending gigs etc., a fair proportion of that time may already be part of their life.

All-in-all we think it’s an exciting role and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming our first set of curators in the coming months, so let us know if you’re interested via the Join Jazzi link.