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What is the role of a Jazzi curator?

  • Curators represent Jazzi in their home city, working with local artists to build the Jazzi global music experience
  • We’re looking for passionate people who want to present their city’s jazz artists to the world

From the outset, we decided the Jazzi model would not be reliant on major music labels to source our music – not because we have anything against labels; we just wanted to develop our own artist-centered approach.

Our answer is to engage and support a cohort of music curators, to represent Jazzi in their own home city – one curator per city – to help build the Jazzi musical experience for our subscribers.

In essence, Jazzi is designed to be a collection of city-based, grassroots music networks, built on relationships in each city, and the Jazzi curator is the conduit to that approach.

It is the critical role of the curator to build a roster of independent, quality artists, who have a connection to the curator’s home city, and then work with those artists to build a strong listing of tracks to be made available on the site, on an ongoing basis. And because we want our curators to focus on musical matters – we’ll do all the required administration behind the scenes!

An artist need not necessarily reside in the curator’s city to have a “connection” to it. For example, an artist may have grown up there or have familial ties, perhaps attended school or Uni in the city, or even been a regular contributor to the gig scene to qualify.

We won’t be too pedantic about it, but of course, an artist can only be associated with one curator on Jazzi; so first in best dressed!