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How are Jazzi Local Area Marketers paid?

  • Our Local Area Marketers are rewarded like the rest of the team – via subscriber income distribution
  • The LAM receives 10% of the subscription when a subscriber nominates a “favourite artist” from their home city

As we’ve said in other sections – Jazzi is all about rewarding independence. We want our team of marketers to feel they are being recognised for the work they do in line with our artists and curators, so we have initiated a similar income distribution.

When a new subscriber initially signs-up, they will be asked to nominate a “favourite” artist. If the subscriber selects an artist from the LAM’s home city, the LAM will receive 10% of the subscriber’s net-subscription*, every month whilst the subscription remains current – up to 500 “favourite” artist nominations per artist.

* Net-subscription is the price to the subscriber less payment processing fees and any value-added / sales tax. It is the amount we are able to retain from each subscriber, for distribution to artists and the rest of the Jazzi team.