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What is the marketing and communications approach?

  • We will be marketing Jazzi to potential subscribers on both a global and local level
  • Jazzi Central marketing will be focused on the overall Jazzi brand globally
  • Our city-based Local Area Marketers will promote each city’s artists directly to their home fan-base

We recognise the huge challenge ahead in promoting Jazzi and making our music available to potential subscribers, wherever they call home. Initially we’ve decided to take on that challenge with a two-layered marketing structure.

Directing the overall approach will be a dedicated marketing area in Jazzi Central that will develop and implement a marketing plan for the business overall, including: brand development, communication strategies, subscriber relations etc.

In addition, a primary responsibility of Jazzi Central marketing will be selecting, overseeing and supporting a team of city-based marketing specialists – our Local Area Marketers, or “LAM’s”.

Our LAM’s will design and implement the marketing strategy in their home city; working closely with the city’s artists and curator, and in particular assisting artists to build their “favourite” artist nominations.

This will involve overseeing all promotion and communication activities in their home city: directing the social and traditional media plans, creating their own city-specific campaigns and generally ensuring Jazzi has a solid, consistent and reliable marketing presence.