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What is the role of the Local Area Marketer and how are they selected?

  • We’re keen to work with passionate and talented marketing people in each Jazzi city
  • Each Local Area Marketer will be independent to direct Jazzi promotion in a way that reflects their city’s personality

Marketing specialists will be selected by Jazzi Central marketing, one per Jazzi city (i.e. where we have a designated Jazzi curator) and provided with an initial communications framework that reflects our overall marketing plans. The city-based Local Area Marketer (‘LAM’) role is a critical driver in providing a local connection for subscribers, curators and artists in their home city.

We don’t want to be too prescriptive, but we initially see the role being aimed at marketing under/recent graduates who want to get real-life experience in the digital business space, whilst having fun working in music, i.e. going to gigs, connecting with artists and curators, networking with subscribers etc – basically being our marketing and communications representative in each Jazzi city.

Whilst their activities will complement the overall marketing strategy, each city’s LAM will generally operate independently and be encouraged to be original in their approach, responding to and reflecting their city’s personality – whilst having full support and guidance from Jazzi Central marketing.

We envisage the role will be very much part-time, say around 30 hours/month, but as with all our team, we’ll leave that to the individuals as to how much work they’d like to put in.

Each Jazzi city will have their own dedicated social media feeds overseen and directed by the LAM. Whether it be through social or traditional media, we see new artist and track listing on as the primary driver of regular communication updates, followed by artist happenings, gigs etc – always keeping it local!

Our overall strategy is to treat artists and curators as the centre of our communication – what are they listening to, what are their musical plans etc – all with their involvement and contribution.

If you’d like to chat to us about a potential LAM role at Jazzi, jump on the Join Jazzi form and let us know.