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Is the user experience based on a digital subscription?

  • Jazzi music will be made available to the world via a digital subscription
  • Our subscription offer will be a straight-forward, single-price product with price incentives for early sign-up

When it’s all said and done, our model relies on our capacity to sell streaming subscriptions and then to share that income in a unique, and we think, equitable way. We hope that all involved in the Jazzi project will financially benefit from our approach, but first and foremost we need to create a service that people will feel good about subscribing to and be satisfied it represents good value for money.

The streaming subscription service will be available as a single product; with no pricing differentials or base/premium versions. The site will have a preview page to allow potential subscribers to trial the functionality, but we will not be offering a free trial or other short-term offers.

We’re offering a niche service, so we want our subscribers to feel part of the Jazzi team and become closely connected to the artists and music they enjoy in their city and beyond. We’ll try our best to reward those who support us, especially those subscribers who join us early in the venture.