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Will the site operate like other music streaming services?

  • Subscribers will have access to the traditional features of music streaming platforms
  • Unlimited playlists can be built quickly as individualised collections
  • Pre-built “Jazzi collections” means subscribers can also easily call on themed playlists

A Jazzi subscriber will have access to the same ‘player’ functionality as the major streaming sites, with some minor tweaks. For example, our subscribers will be able to create playlists by filtering track-playing options, that is, each artist / city / collection will be available as streaming filters.

The playlists can be altered as you listen and can be saved as personal collections for later recall. Pre-built “Jazzi-collections” will also be available for those users who just want to listen based on a theme or genre. We will be steering well-clear of algorithm-generated playlists however; we trust our subscribers will be well and truly capable of making their own decisions with regard their personal collections.

All artist’s tracks will be available for sale to subscribers, individually or as a collection. A track or collection sale means the capacity to download and play the track(s) offline, for non-commercial use, with no time limit or other restrictions.

With regard to the amount of music we’ll have listed at launch, at this stage we simply don’t know, but it’s important to us to stick by our convictions and build our musical content through working with quality, independent artists via their respective city curators; and this will take time. We recognise we’ll need to offer a significant amount of music, and we won’t launch the site fully until we feel we’ve got to an appropriate level. 

If you want to stay in touch about our plans you can let us know via the Join Jazzi form.