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Can a Jazzi curator list their own music?

  • Curators will be able to list their own music, but with limitations

We’ve decided it would be unreasonable to deny a curator the right to list their own music on, however there will be a few restrictions.

Firstly, a curator cannot count their own music in the threshold they need to reach to get their selections initially listed on (25 hours across a minimum of 5 artists). Secondly, their own music can never represent more than 5% of the hours of their total listing e.g. if a curator’s artists on have a total listing of 100 hours of music, the curator’s own listed music cannot be greater than 5 hours.

Further, if a curator is part of an ensemble the curator is intending to list on, they must let us know that prior to listing.

On the positive side, if listing music as an individual, the curator will be considered both an “artist” and a “curator” when it comes to subscriber income distribution calculations for their fees, so they have a very strong incentive to generate their own “favourite artist” nominations!