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How are copyright issues handled?

  • We only list tracks on where the artist owns the copyright in the recording
  • Artists can list “covers” but must accept any associated royalty costs

Copyright in the recordings of all music available on (known as ‘mechanical’ or ‘performer’ copyright) must be under the artist’s control, i.e. with proven legal rights. 

Artists must approve the use of their music via a written agreement with us and warrant copyright control. Copyright in a recording generally sits with the artist if they fund the recording costs, which we recognise is often the case for jazz artists. 

In contrast, any artist that is “signed” to a music label or distribution company is unlikely to control copyright in their recordings. However, where an artist requests us to, we’re happy to work directly with a boutique label to sort through any mechanical copyright issues. Unless you’re sure of the copyright position, we ask that you don’t offer the tracks for listing on until the copyright situation is clarified.

Publishing copyright (sometimes known as ‘composer’ or ‘songwriter’ copyright) that refers to the original creator of each track, will be managed based on the artist’s publishing arrangements.

Where the artist is the songwriter/composer of their recordings, the publishing-copyright related to streaming and track sales is incorporated in the overall artist payment calculations and is not paid in addition to the subscription or track sales income distribution. However an artist can elect to have a portion of their fees redirected to their publisher if they have such an arrangement.

If an artist lists a track where they are not the songwriter/composer, i.e. a “cover”, we will work with them and the rights-holder to make the appropriate copyright payment, which will be deducted from their artist fees prior to us processing their monthly payment.