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What attributes are important to be a Jazzi curator?

  • We’re looking for people passionate about music to become a Jazzi curator in their home city

We’re reticent to dictate the type of person who might take on a curator role, because we see diversity and personality central to our business.

However, we see the following attributes as a starting point: Passionate about music – particularly jazz and related genres; connected to their home city’s musical networks; open-minded and approachable, good communicator; fully aware and highly respectful of the challenges facing independent artists; knowledgeable about music – but not necessarily technically trained; quietly confident – prepared to make decisions and back their own opinion; keen to work hard and help us build Jazzi in their home city and beyond.

Curator selections and ongoing relationships will be overseen by Artistic Management at Jazzi Central. We will support our curators but will have no direct input into their artistic decisions – our curators will remain independent at all times.

If you’d like to put yourself forward to be considered as a Jazzi curator, just drop us a line via the Join Jazzi form